7 Myths & Facts About Root Canals You Need To Know

  • Dental Health   •   October 2, 2017

Often when people think about root canals, they conjure up images of drilling and anguish. However, it couldn’t be any further from the truth. Don’t allow the many fallacies about root canal treatment prevent you from receiving this excellent tooth-saving technique. 

The Narrative 

Root canals are excruciatingly painful 

Root canals are no longer painful thanks to advances in dentistry. The entire purpose of a root canal is to reduce discomfort caused by damaged tissue. This is performed by removing the affected tissue, so removing the source of the discomfort.

Illness Is Linked to Root Canals

This misconception is mostly based on studies conducted by Dr. Weston Price, whose early 1900s study has long since been discredited. Since then, root canal treatment has been refined. 

Only when there is pain can root canals become necessary

Root canals are intended not just to save live teeth, but also to prevent dead teeth from becoming infected. A tooth is made up of more than just enamel; it also has nerves and tissue that can get infected or inflamed. Even when a root canal is required, the patient may be unaware of the discomfort. 

Root Canal Treatment Requires Several Appointments 

Root canal treatments can be done in as few as one or two sessions. A follow-up appointment may be required to ensure that the tooth is okay following the surgery.

The Truth

Root Canal Therapy Is Effective

Root canal therapy frequently enables people to preserve the afflicted tooth for the rest of their lives. A root canal is intended to prevent infections from occurring. The success rate is close to 95%. 

A root canal procedure does not “kill” the tooth.

Root canal therapy is intended to preserve the tooth and avoid extraction. The root’s surface is still alive. 

Following treatment, the tooth should be crown

This is correct since not doing this would contradict the goal of the root canal in the first place. Going to the bother of removing the diseased tissue and nerves without adequately sealing and safeguarding them afterwards makes no sense.

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