Dr. Sabana Haq

BDS, C- Restorative Dentistry, C-Implantology

Dr. Sabana Haq

BDS, Restorative Dentist, C-Implantology

Dr Sabana Haq is a vastly experienced dental surgeon, and has worked previously with organizations like IIDH now providing her services at Bite Works Dental Care.

She is a certified Restorative Dentist and an Implantologist, and has done her certifications from Riphah University. Her expertise include but are not limited to teeth fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, implants, whitening and cleaning/polishing.

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Acute oral health problems often require fast treatment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to plan and predict these issues, so we will be happy to assist you in the event of an injury or acute toothache. We look forward to your call and visit to provide you the necessary emergency oral care.

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