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Why do I need dental exams?


Regular exams help spot trouble early to prevent bigger and more costly treatments later. A dental hygienist will start by cleaning buildup from your teeth. Then the dentist will probe [...]

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Are dental X-rays safe and needed?


Medical and dental experts study the use of X-rays and set limits for their safety. Your dentist should take as few as possible. Sometimes dentists may recommend X-rays to diagnose [...]

Are dental X-rays safe and needed?2022-03-07T08:07:19+00:00

Do teeth need fluoride?


Fluoride helps make teeth strong and prevents decay. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Dental Association (ADA), and the CDC all agree that kids should use fluoride toothpaste for [...]

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How do fillings work?


Cavities break through the surface enamel of teeth, and they'll probably get bigger unless you close them off with fillings. Your dentist will numb your mouth before drilling around the [...]

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