Retreatment of the Root Canal

  • Dental Health   •   October 2, 2017

Root canal Treatment With regular care and good hygiene, the treated tooth can survive an entire lifespan after root canal therapy. However, there are occasional cases when the bone does not mend properly or becomes infected again. This can happen months, if not years, after the tooth was treated.

Why Your Tooth May Not properly heal Following Root Canal Treatment  

It appears perplexing when a tooth begins to experience painful sensations months after being fixed. However, a tooth may not recover as predicted for a variety of reasons. 

  • The early root canal treatment could not handle curved anatomy or tiny channels. 
  • Complex canals that were missed during the initial therapy 
  • Inside the tooth, salivary contamination may also occur.

In other cases, the necessity for re-treatment may be induced by a new problem that has formed on the previously treated tooth. 

  • New deterioration begins, exposing the root canal restorative material to bacteria, which infects the root canal. 
  • When a crown or filling gets fractured, loose, or breaks down, it allows the tooth to become infected again. 
  • The tooth develops a crack or fractures.

How Root Canal Re-Treatment Is Carried Out 

Before proposing retreatment, we will go over all of your alternatives and allow you to choose what you are most comfortable with. If you choose retreatment as a treatment option, the physicians will reopen your tooth in order to have access to the root canal filling material. To get access to the root canal, the restorative material will be removed. Using a high magnification dental microscope, the specialists will clean your canals and carefully inspect the interior of the affected tooth. Once the canals have been cleansed, the specialists will fill and seal them, as well as place a temporary filling.

Endodontic surgery may be recommended if the canals are extremely small or obstructed. 

Following treatment, you may need to see your dentist as soon as possible to have a permanent crown or similar restoration placed on the tooth for full protection. 

We make every effort to save your natural tooth wherever feasible. A tooth might persist for years or a lifetime even after it has been retreated.

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