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Is Root Canal Treatment Dangerous?

Patients frequently ask our staff questions concerning their root canals in to better comprehend what they will go through. Many folks are apprehensive about the procedure’s intensity or how much recuperation time they should budget for. 

The excellent thing is that most root canal treatments have a short recovery period, generally requiring only a week of intensive post-operative care. Many factors might influence your specific outcome, therefore it is critical to understand what led you to the dentist at the first place. Here is a list of several scenarios that may necessitate special attention during the root canal treatment or in the post-op period to make sure the root canal treatment is effective.

What Makes A Root Canal Procedure Serious?

When an infection or tooth deterioration is present

A fracture or chip in a tooth might allow infection to spread deep into the pulp. Tooth decay that is extensive might also enter the pulp. If the infection creates an abscess, medications may be required to eradicate the microorganisms before the root canal can properly seal the roots and prevent infection from occurring again. 

When the affected tooth has many roots

 The intricacy of disinfecting and closing canals during a root canal grows as the quantity of canals in the tooth undergoing treatment increases. Molars can have up to four canals, premolars one or two, and canines and incisors just one

If you do not contact your dentist

if you are experiencing aftercare issues. A regular root canal can soon become difficult if you do not promptly contact your dentist if you have significant or fast rising pain, if the temporarily placed restoration in the tooth falls out, or if you see swelling within or outside of your mouth. 

When you fail to return for your permanent cap on time

A permanent crown should be placed on the root canal-treated tooth after treatment. Crowns give structural support, prevent infection, and diminish nerve reactivity to hot and cold meals and liquids.

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